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Thank you for considering volunteering your support and time to our inventor membership nationwide through the United Inventors Association, (UIA) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We would ask of you to help with the following tasks throughout the year:

  • Join a committee to help accomplish various initiatives.
  • Participate in or startup a local inventors group in your area
  • Help coordinate and participate with various activities and speaking venues at our national trade shows.
  • Inform our board members of any stories, articles, activity related to the inventor community that we can share with our inventor members.
  • Promote our mission and help to find sponsors and partnerships to continue to add value to our association.

Supporting the UIA and inventors has it’s benefits!

You’ll have access to a group of mission-oriented, enthusiastic and energetic fellow inventors and prestigious board members and privileges, like VIP or guest access to national trade shows. Your name and level of success bringing your invention to market will be posted under our Inventor Ambassadors area of our website for you to be proud of. Speak your voice representing inventors just like you!


Meet Our Speakers

Ruth Leonard

Marketing Head, Microsoft

Connor Kim

Marketing Head, Microsoft

Susie Vaughn

Marketing Head, Microsoft

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